Mi-24 Hind from modeller`s view - Kit review


kit:Mil Mi-24 Hind-D "TIGERMEET"
media:injection moulded
parts:122 + 11 clear
panel lines:positiv
decals:1x Mi-24 D number 4011 "TIGER"
51st Helicopter Regiment "Dr.E.Benes", Prostejov AB,
Display Team, Czech Air Force, may 1994

The box with nice J.Velc drawing contains a kit of ITALERI origin. I think, cockpit parts are best detailed of any HIND (but not perfect).You can open doors of both cockpits.The kit is too short (6 mm in part of tailplane). On the other side, the wing span is 8 mm more. Great mistake is rotor, because of oposit direction of turning. The rotor diametr is not correct - 18 mm are missing. Radio director unit at port side of bottom nose section is not correct for Mi-24D.

kit:Mil Mi-24 HIND-D
media:injection moulded
parts:149 + 6 clear + 3 photo-etched
panel lines:engraved and beautiful
decals:1x USSR - yellow 23

This kit is a winner, but with some mistakes. The fuselage is too short (about 8 mm is missing), the main rotor is smaller (6 mm missing). The cockpit details are fictitious. The anti-tank missiles 9M17P are too long in the kit (2 mm) and with some false details.

kit:Mi-24 HIND D/E Mi-24V (D)
media:injection moulded
parts:122 + 11 clear
panel lines:positiv
decals:1x Mi-24 D (sharkmouth) from Prostejov AB, Czechoslovak AF
1x Mi-24 V AF from Plzen-Bory AB, Czechoslovak AF

Kit is of ITALERI origin, see review of the Revell on top.


AIRFIX kit was the first availeable. It is not too accurate. You can buy also original ITALERI kit. ESCI kit is very nice, it`s quality is near Hasegawa.


Zlinek L+K PKL


1. ZLINEK A Czech magazine for plastic modellers. An article about HIND from J.Spacek is in the number 3/1991. I think, it was one of the first complex description of the type Mi-24. Drawing in 1/72 from M.Vita, B/W details of cockpit, camouflage for CSAF Mi-24D from Prostějov and Soviet Mi-24 KhR based in Milovice, Czechoslovakia.Summary in English. Now, magazine ZLINEK is issued in today standard with colour photos.

2. LETECTVI A KOSMONAUTIKA The oldest aviatin magazine in Czechoslovakia (founded in1921).There was a lot of articles about HINDs in different numters of the magazine. I woul like to recommend a complex monograph of Mi-24 from J.Spacek in issues 12, 13 and 14/1993.Colour photos, B/W detail photos and a nice scale drawing from A.Karban.

3. PRZEGLAD KONSTRUKCJI LOTNICZYCH Series of monograph publication from Poland-each magazine is dedicated to one aircraft. Number 2 describes Mi-24D HIND. and contains history of the helicopter, technical description and very interesting article about service in different AF. Supplemented by a lot of detail photos (most of them in colour), 1/72 drawing and colour scheme.

4. PLASTIC KITS AERO REVUE A monthly issued magazine for air entusiast and plastic modellers in Czech. A number of articles about MI-24 HIND was published. For example number 62 contains interesting article with nice colour photos from Petr Soukop. He describes a new NATO standard camouflage scheme, now used on Czech AF Mi-24 HIND after repair in LOK Kbely (Prague).

5. 4+ PUBLICATIONS I think, the best Mi-24 HIND publication. 4+Publishing Company published very interesting works about planes from Czechoslovak and Czech AF (MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29, Su-22, MiG-15 and Su-25). Publications are bi-lingual English/Czech. Mi-24 D,V, DU HIND publication contents history of this helicopter family, short article about service in Czechoslovak and other AF, technical description, camouflage, very nice 1/72 drawing, cutaway drawing ,external stores variants and a lot of colour and B/W photos (in flight, details of cockpit, cargo/troop cabin, engine, main rotor, tail rotor, landing gear, sensors, armament).

6. HPM (History and Plastic Modelling) A Czech magazine about military planes, cars, ships and tanks and their plastic models is issued monthly. A lot of pictures have titles bouth in Czech and English. Numbers 1 and 2 from year 1998 contain an article from J.Spacek and J.Piska about Mi-24 D,V and DU in service in former Czechoslovakia and in Czech and Slovak republic. Supplemented by colour photos of HINDs in different types of camouflages and B/W photos of armament on underwing pylons.